New Pleasure/ Jensen Serf Co. – Sturdy Girls Split CS

Here’s a brand new split cassette from the Sturdy Girls Records label in Nashville. NEW PLEASURE and JENSEN SERF CO. join forces and include five songs apiece which together add up to make quite a ripping cassette.

Needless to say, this tape is right up our alley. We’ve had the pleasure of covering New Pleasure in the past (ha), so we know what we’re getting ourselves into there, but it’s Jensen Serf Co. that we’ve been unfamiliar with up until this point. Their part of the cassette features a hard hitting and challenging punk sound, comprised of huge guitar hooks (“Johnny Panic”), scorching, evil punk onslaughts (“Clean Air”) and troubling and heated murky jammers like “Billy Don’t.” The song features a healthy dosage of metallic noise, swirling amongst the pummeling guitars that don’t take no for an answer. Other songs like “Lido Beach” take on a more clean and polished structure, showing off sharp and jangly guitars before being totally obliterated into tiny, bite sized pieces. After a track like this, it’s clear that Jensen Serf Co. know how to put together a song that will leave a lasting impression. Also, once their half of the cassette is finished, it’s again clear Jensen Serf Co. also have an experimental side that is greatly working in their favor – take the muffled “York Ski” as proof for this.

As for the New Pleasure half of the cassette, they take on a more bluesy form of garage punk-rock that certainly hits a soft spot. Take a song like “RAT,” which features the twangy, sliding guitars that drive the song from top to bottom. Other tracks like “Trouble Follows Trouble” shows off their guitar skills, which is definitely something we heard early on in their debut 7″. So if you like what you hear here today, go and grab one of the cassettes from Sturdy Girls Records – it’s definitely a good decision.


Johnny Panic –

Clean Air –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Experimental
Sturdy Girls Split CS: Tracklist:
1.) New Pleasure – I Got Nothing
2.) New Pleasure – Capitol View Pawn
3.) New Pleasure – RAT
4.) New Pleasure – Trouble Follows Trouble
5.) New Pleasure – My Money
6.) Jensen Serf Co. – Johnny Panic
7.) Jensen Serf Co. – Clean Air
8.) Jensen Serf Co. – Billy Don’t
9.) Jensen Serf Co. – Lido Beach
10.) Jensen Serf Co. – York Ski

BUY the cassette directly from the Sturdy Girls Tumblr
New Pleasure on Bandcamp – download songs for free !
Jensen Serf. Co on Facebook

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