The DeRellas – Stick It To the Man 7″

THE DELRELLAS hail from places all over the globe including London, Brighton and Portland to keep it simple. This is their brand new 7″ coming from the Dirty Water Records label based out of London.

Their brand new single, “Stick It To the Man,” features two brand new songs that are dominated by dense and crunchy guitars. These mountainous guitars sound heavy and dirty amongst the pounding percussion, which is comprised of jangly tambourine hits and hand claps. They drive the song from the bottom up in “Stick It To the Man,” making up a simple but addicting formula that sounds oddly familiar. It’s easy enough to detect the alternative rock influences, but it’s that jangly, glamorous edge that helps make this single unique. Over on the flipside we’re met with “Go Go DeRellas.” This B-side shows off distorted, high voltage guitars that sound capable of electrocution, but I almost feel like I’m listening to a theme song for a show like Power Rangers or Pokemon with the “go-go” lyrics. Who knows though, maybe you’ll feel differently. Check out both sides of the 7″ right below for a rollicking start to your day.

Stick It To the Man –

Go Go DeRellas –

Genre/ Tags: Glam, Rock & Roll, Alternative
Stick It To the Man 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Stick It To the Man
2.) Go Go DeRellas

BUY the 7″ directly from the band
The DeRellas on Facebook

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