20th Century Tokyo Princess – I’ve Never Been Happy & I’ve Never Had Fun CS

20TH CENTURY TOKYO PRINCESS is a noisy, three piece garage rock band fronted by 37 year old Ted Clark who works in a liquor store. Together this trio declares war on your ears with their lethal sound.

There’s no real way to be entirely sure, but Clark and the gang definitely sound pissed off about something through all seven of these songs (and don’t forget the extra two that come with the digital downloads). The recordings are extremely harsh and crude sounding, but that’s no surprise considering the entire cassette was recorded directly to a 4-track and then mixed in mono nearly two years ago. This truly is “raging pop music” to say the least, being totally devoid of any embellishments or overdubs, which results in this endlessly dirty sound that is best with the volume knob cranked to the top – just be careful not to blowout your speakers. The cruddy, hook-heavy guitars sound rough and gritty, almost like scratching a chalkboard with your fingernails, while Clark guides us along with his disgusted voice that sounds like a mix between Orville Bateman Neeley of OBN III’s and Jonathan Richman.

In the end this release features a little bit of everything as they literally bury us in filth. It’s without a doubt one of the dirtiest sounding releases I’ve posted up here in awhile, riddled with gritty, bubblegum pop hooks and enough energy to last into next year. Check out the handful of tracks below and don’t forget to go grab the tape either, it won’t be around forever!

Does He? –

Mercedes Benz –

You’re So Sweet –

Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Pop, Garage Rock, Noise Rock
I’ve Never Been Happy & I’ve Never Had Fun CS: Tracklist:
1.) Does He?
2.) Magic
3.) All the Pretty Girls
4.) That’s What You Are
5.) 99 Years
6.) Mercedes Benz
7.) Blues for Mary Jo/ The Stomp

BUY the cassette directly from Random Old Records – limited to 100 red cassettes, includes download !
20th Century Tokyo Princess on Facebook
20th Century Tokyo Princess on Bandcamp

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