Boyscout Discovery – EP

Hailing from Portland, BOYSCOUT DISCOVERY is an experimental electronic project that has limited information out there on the Internet. At this point the most we could tell you is that this stuff is worth listening to and the EP is free!

Each one of the songs on this peculiar album submerges you into a heavily detailed and warming environment bubble, riddled with anything you can think of – ranging from police transmission calls, guitar samples, computerized bleep-bloops and Nintendo-esque electronics to name a few. It’s certainly not limited to just these things either. Some songs feature a ukelele (“Por Avion”, “Hey Ragdoll”) and female vocal samples, while other tracks employ washing electronics and childish vocal samples, like in “Shhhhapes.” As you spend time listening to these songs, you can’t help but feel as if you’re inserted right into a lifelike environment.

In the end this is very beat heavy and sample based music, immersing you deeper into an experimental atmosphere where you can hear just about anything – the dribbling of basketballs, jarring metallic squeals, fluttering electronics, washing shore waves, car alarms – anything you think you hear, it’s probably there. Check out these songs right below, which should do an excellent job at keeping your undivided attention. If that’s not enough, go ahead and download the entire EP for free right from the Boyscout Discovery Bandcamp.

city hands –

por avion –

hey ragdoll –

Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Experimental, Pop
EP: Tracklist:
1.) City Hands
2.) Por Avion
3.) Shhhhapes
4.) Hey Ragdoll
5.) Russian Flashcars
6.) Samson

DOWNLOAD the EP for FREE directly from the Boyscout Discovery Bandcamp
Boyscout Discovery on Facebook

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