Meat Market – Meat Market CS

MEAT MARKET is a young band but they have already managed to make big waves in the California garage-surf scene. They recorded their new self-titled record with Brian Hamilton, of the Fleshies, at the luxurious Sugar Mountain Warehouse in sunny Oakland, California.

This is their second self-titled release. The first was a limited edition cassette released through Under the Gun Records. This new album features some of the same songs as their tape, but the new recordings sounds so different and advanced from their earlier work that it is definitely worth listening to those songs twice. The new compositions show an even greater deal of progression in the bands musical and songwriting skills.

Though I loved their cassette, it was so overloaded with re-verb that it was nearly impossible to hear the subtle nuisances in Meat Market’s songwriting that makes them a truly great band. Don’t worry though, there is still more than enough re-verb on these tracks to get the average hipster kid all sorts of wet. It’s just that now they sound like they were recording on the beach rather than underwater.

This album is fun, stony, poppy, paranoid, good for dancing, just retro enough to be cool, and modern enough to be interesting. Listen to it, buy it, and go see Meat Market next time they come to your town.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Surf Rock, Punk
Meat Market – Meat Market: Tracklist:
1.) Second Coming
2.) The Barn
3.) TNT
4.) Scum
5.) Don’t Surf
6.) New Zealand
7.) B&E BBQ
8.) Home Team
9.) (Don’t) Touch
10.) Strange Bargains

BUY the album from Meat Market’s Bandcamp
Check out Meat Market on Facebook
Under The Gun Records online store


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