The Hussy – Weed Seizure

“Weed Seizure” is the latest from Wisconsin garage-trash duo THE HUSSY. The sophomore LP comes from the Tic Tac Totally label which fits in perfectly with the rest of their catalog.

For the past year or so, The Hussy easily seem like one of the most busy bands running. Between their first LP on Slow Fizz and now this sophomore effort (and everything they’ve done in-between, like this or this), clearly they have been working their asses off. This brand new album is also only further proof of that. Coming in at fourteen tracks in length and lasting just under a half hour, the Hussy brought a little bit of everything to the table. From their gritty, trashy guitars to their intense and bratty attitude, they have truly taken the next step after “Cement Tomb Mind Control”.

This becomes pretty obvious as the LP plays out, because everything feels so much heavier and stronger than from before. Songs like “Liar” prove this with their rowdy, discontented attitude. High energy and raging guitars are paired with scornful lyrics, culminating into a huge, dazzling guitar breakdown to close out the track. Other later tracks like “Dog Said Yeah” again bring the trashiest guitars to the forefront, making any word other than “trashy” seem like a gross understatement. The gritty track declares war on your ears with it’s noisy and clangorous guitars, sounding like jagged sheet metal scraping against a rock-solid cement wall. The spring-loaded guitar hook constantly sprawls out and retracts, making for an undeniably catchy chorus that will repeat endlessly in your head.

In the end, as we’ve already made clear, this tends to be the pattern for the entire album. Catchy song after catchy song grabs your ears and refuses to let go, eventually creating an album comprised almost completely of highlights with tracks like “Undefined”, “Feeling Dry”, “Bang Bang”, “Bad Speed”, and “Stab Me”. Check out these three tracks from “Weed Seizure” below – you’ve been warned though – even with just three tracks, this is still a lethal dose of their cacophonous trash-pop.

Undefined –

Liar –

Dog Said Yeah –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Punk, Pop
Weed Seizure LP: Tracklist:
1.) Undefined
2.) Feeling Dry
3.) Liar
4.) FUDJe
5.) SFB
6.) Bang Bang
7.) I Don’t Really Want To
8.) Bad Speed
9.) Stab Me
10.) Dog Said Yeah
11.) Harsh My High
12.) Mind Alright
13.) The Moon Rules #1
14.) Go Outside

BUY the LP directly from Midheaven Mailorder
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