Aggi Doom – Bring Me the Head 7″

Hailing from Glasgow, AGGI DOOM are definitely an intriguing new band. Their debut 7″ “Bring Me the Head” on Soft Power Records gives us a snapshot of their dark and mysterious sound in a two track span.

Both of the songs on their new 7″ work greatly to establish a sound for Aggi Doom, but it’s hard to reach that point without first acknowledging a band like Grass Widow. “Bring Me the Head” shares some similar elements in the fact that the four women in Aggi Doom use their voices to create intricate vocals that twist and intertwine with one another. Underneath those vocals are pulsating bass lines and primal drum rolls, creating a rhythm section that sits heavily yet spaciously under their charming voices. These elements all combine for a whirlwind of insanity at the end of the song, broadened by the squeal of some sort of brass instrument that lingers over into the end of the track.

On the B-side, “Cakewalk” offers a different side of the band – there’s a mysterious and puzzling edge, probably stemming from those early waves of hazy electronic ambiance that continue throughout the song. As the track unfolds we’re met with punchy bass lines and gorgeous, breathy vocals that guide us through the murky and glimmering atmosphere. They begin to pick up momentum as the song plays out, resulting in sharp guitar leads that cut through the thick atmosphere like a warm knife through butter. In the end, this is some detailed and characteristic music, making for an immersible and memorable listening session. Check out these two tracks below and see how you feel!

Bring Me the Head –

Cakewalk –

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Ethereal, Experimental
Bring Me the Head 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Bring Me the Head
2.) Cakewalk

BUY the 7″ from Soft Power Records – due out May 21st
Aggi Doom on Facebook

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