Vacant Fever – KILL KILL KILL 7″

VACANT FEVER give us quite a characteristic effort with their first 7″. The single comes nearly a year later after their debut LP “Heparin & Saline” and appears to be self released by the band in an edition of 500.

Vacant Fever take on a menacing form of post-punk through their five track 7″. Their sound features both traditional instrumentation paired with some moody electronics, making for a memorable and well-balanced sound that is definitely challenging. Pulsing rhythms and sweeping guitar waves exemplify their sound accurately in a song like “Like It or Not”, which is a short and concentrated snapshot of Vacant Fever’s curiously grasping sound. Following that is “Don’t Look Down” which helps further prove this bands menacing, post-punk attitude. The track drips with a dark and twisted energy driven by grungy guitar shards and bruising, tom-heavy drumming, hereby leaving us hungry for any future releases from the band. These foreboding vibes are similar to the s/t track “Kill Kill Kill” as well, which you can hear below. If you like what you hear, go and snag a 7″ from the band right now!

Kill Kill Kill –

Like It or Not –

Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Post-Punk
KILL KILL KILL 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Restless & Young
2.) Kill Kill Kill
3.) Yeah Yeah
4.) Like It or Not
5.) Don’t Look Down

BUY the 7″ directly from the band – limited to 500 !
Vacant Fever – Official Website

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