Terry Malts – Killing Time

TERRY MALTS are a three piece punk band from California. Their excellent debut record “Killing Time” on Slumberland Records has been earning plenty of praise these days with it’s noisy chainsaw pop.

You may recognize Philip Benson’s patented croon from the Magic Bullets s/t record from a couple years ago. The difference this time around would be the music surrounding his voice. Gone is that shiny, pretty indie pop sound, traded in for a much more pulsing form of noisy “chainsaw” pop that is much more harsh and heavy on the ears. Fourteen short and sweet songs feature gritty, tightly woven guitar hooks, buried in layers of crunchy reverb that definitely speaks for the “chainsaw” pop tag. On top of that we’re guided along by a constant rhythm of pounding drums and pummeling bass lines, creating a short but challenging wave of discontented fury throughout all fourteen tracks.

Benson sings about an array of topics throughout these catchy songs, ranging from things like hating your job, yearning for the weekend, and not believing in any particular religion. Throughout the record he sings in the same tone, which can range from sounding a bit dull at times to being just as powerful as the stomping instrumentation behind it as he howls with authority. Every song from this record could arguably be considered a highlight, whether it’s the opening banger “Something About You” or other tracks like the stomping “Nauseous” or “No Good For You” which shows off Benson’s memorable croon. Other tracks like “No Sir, I’m Not a Christian” or “Mall Dreams” go a long way to show off the kind of attitude that Benson has toward religion and consumerism.

When it’s all said and done, there’s really no way you can dismiss just how catchy and addicting every last one of these fourteen tracks are. That is proven easily enough in these four songs below. Terry Malts are leaving on a short tour through April so that sounds like a good chance to witness the live action if the record just isn’t enough to keep you satisfied.

Something About You –

Where is the Weekend –

Tumble Down –

No Good For You –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop, Noise Rock, Lo-Fi
Killing Time LP: Tracklist:
1.) Something About You
2.) Not Far From It
3.) Where is the Weekend
4.) Tumble Down
5.) No Sir, I’m Not a Christian
6.) Waiting Room
7.) I’m Neurotic
8.) Nauseous
9.) Mall Dreams
10.) No Good For You
11.) I Do
12.) What Was It?
13.) Can’t Tell No One
14.) No Big Deal

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