Young Mammals – Landlady 7″

After a busy touring schedule and releasing their debut album “Carrots” during 2010, YOUNG MAMMALS laid low for a majority of 2011 despite a few hometown shows. Now they’re back with the brand new “Landlady” 7″ on Bombs By Mail.

Included on their 7″ are two brand new tracks, both of which offer up a different side of the band. A-side “Landlady” shows off the energetic and poppy side, while B-side “Optometrist” unexpectedly sounds much more slow and somber. “Landlady” starts off with a blast, suddenly shoving ecstatic guitar waves and pounding drums right in our face. This enormous guitar wave morphs into the colorfully glimmering guitar shards that guide us through the track, creating a totally frenzied and delirious result at the end that just screams insanity – which also hereby adds a bit of noise rock into the mix. Now onto the B-side, “Optometrist” is a somewhat creepy track in its own right, with the frequent jangle of a tambourine sounding like it’s stirred by the wind – the wind being that atmospheric whirring texture that we hear throughout this rich and characteristic track. Broken keyboard lines and gently glowing guitars slowly guide us on through the rest of the track, creating this lazy three-and-a-half-minute drag that is surely worth hearing below.

Landlady –

Optometrist –

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Indie Rock, Noise Rock
Landlady 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Landlady
2.) Optometrist

BUY the 7″ directly from Bombs By Mail when it’s available !
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