Young Boys – Fell From Grace EP

YOUNG BOYS are a post-punk duo hailing from Brooklyn, New York. They just released “Fell From Grace”, their most recent EP and now they are back in the studio again for more recording.

Other than an earlier 7″, which you can download for FREE right here, the Young Boys don’t seem to have much material under their belt yet. Considering their currently recording new material in the studio, that doesn’t appear to be the case for much longer. In the meantime we can occupy ourselves with their new EP, which comes drenched in a frothy, fizzing reverb that literally swallows all three songs whole. Take the s/t track “Fell From Grace” for example, which glimmers with a quivering, rippling swirl, followed by the crackle of fuzzy guitars that drowns out the rest of the track. There’s a great balance of electronics and traditional instrumentation in these songs, which leave us with plenty of promise for the Young Boys future – not to mention the upbeat nature that keeps the songs running strong. Check out this track below and you’ll see just what they’re all about.

PS – Listen to the rest of the EP then download it for FREE at the Young Boys Bandcamp

Fell From Grace –

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Pop, Electronic
Fell From Grace EP: Tracklist:
1.) Fell From Grace
2.) It’s Alright
3.) High Tide

DOWNLOAD the EP for FREE directly from the Young Boys Bandcamp
Young Boys on Facebook
Young Boys on Blogspot

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