Electric Jellyfish – Trouble Coming Down CS

Seemingly coming from the bowels of hell is the brand new ELECTRIC JELLYFISH cassette tape “Trouble Coming Down” from Twin Lakes Records. The cassette comes in a short run of just 100 copies.

This furious post-punk monstrosity will leave you whimpering in the corner with it’s terrorizing, destructive qualities. Tom-heavy drumming and sharp guitar shards will leave you feeling bruised and battered as they totally dominate everything in sight. Clearly these guys mean business and there’s no denying that. The folks at Twin Lakes are making this hard for me because they absolutely nailed their sound in one surprisingly accurate nutshell – “Their songs can be sparse, driving, heavy, and wild, with an emotional energy that hangs ponderously and precariously in the balance between calm and terror.” Now I know I couldn’t have said that any better myself, as they’re literally right on the money. A troubling dirge like “Nothing” will help confirm every descriptor they just used – ranging from sparse and wild to calming and terrorizing, it’s all there waiting to be discovered. Now hear it right below in these two totally menacing tracks.

Trouble Coming Down –

Nothing –

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Grunge
Trouble Coming Down Cassette: Tracklist:
1.) Trouble Coming Down
2.) Nothing

BUY the cassette directly from Twin Lakes Records – limited to 100 !
Electric Jellyfish on Facebook
Electric Jellyfish on Bandcamp

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