The Ettes – Teeth 7″

THE ETTES of Nashville just dropped their latest 7″ from the Miami-based rock & roll label Limited Fanfare Records. The 7″ comes in a total run of 700 copies, with 350 coming on either red or gold vinyl.

“Teeth” is quite a moody sounding anthem to say the least. The track drags along at a grueling pace, driven by strummy, folksy guitar chords that complement the endless, creeping swirl. Lead singer Lindsay “Coco” Hames guides us through the nearly haunting affair with cooing vocals that lead us straight into a searing guitar solo, solidifying the bluesy vibes within the track. Throughout the song, her clear and authoritative vocals are the only hope we have of escaping this dirge unharmed. On the B-side, “Safely Down the Road” puts a more uplifting pop spin into the song, making for a much more inviting sound this time around with jangly percussion hits and broken piano leads. Now go hear both sides of the track right below and snag a copy of the 7″ from Limited Fanfare!

Teeth –

Safely Down the Road –

Genre/ Tags: Folk Rock, Alternative, Country
Teeth 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Teeth
2.) Safely Down the Road

BUY the 7″ directly from Limited Fanfare – color vinyls limited to 175 !
The Ettes – Official Website
The Ettes on Facebook

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