earthquake party! – vs. Pizza CS

Thanks to our good pal Mike over at Sippy Cup Everything, we now have the pleasure of sharing the noisy pop bliss of Boston trio EARTHQUAKE PARTY! This cassette is their debut release in an edition of just 100.

This debut cassette “vs. Pizza” clocks in at just five minutes of material, spanning across three different tracks. Despite it being a small offering, it’s the overall quality of the music that steals the show here. Each song sounds highly concentrated and as dense as can be, serving up a bruising yet friendly pummel through the five minute duration. The fast and frenzied “Nails & Hammers” will certainly help you agree, showing off dagger-like guitar hooks drenched in a noisy, crackling guitar fuzz in a mere 49 seconds. In the midst of this we hear the playful yelping of boy-girl vocal harmonies, evoking a purely innocent element in their blissfully crushing sound that will quickly have you yearning for more tracks like this one (so don’t miss it below!). We hear the same guitar fuzz plague a slow-burning song like “Brains”, but the ecstatic pop vibes have slowed down this time into a mesmerizing and slow-simmering guitar fuzz boil.

Unfortunately for us this is about all the band has to offer right now (as far as we know), so it might be a good idea to keep an eye on these guys – there’s always bound to be more in the future. As always you can listen to the remainder of the cassette on the earthquake party! Bandcamp.

Pretty Little Hand –

Nails & Hammers –

Genre/ Tags: Noise Rock, Pop, Lo-Fi
vs. Pizza CS: Tracklist:
1.) Pretty Little Hand
2.) Nails & Hammers
3.) Brains

BUY the cassette from the band directly on Bandcamp
earthquake party! on Facebook

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