Epic Ditch – 36-Hour 7″ EP

The latest from our friends at Velocity of Sound Records is the brand new 7″ from Nashville’s hard-rocking heavyweights EPIC DITCH. All the material you hear on the 7″ was recorded in a mere 36 hour recording session.

For those not aware, Epic Ditch comes with some familiar figures leading the band, most notably John Davis who was the founder of 90’s punk band Superdrag. Their debut, five song EP features their coursing blend of hard-hitting punk rock, made up with staggering, ass-kicking guitars that snarl and ground you with their trampling weight. The destructive nature of a melodic track like “Unexploded Ordinance” shows what they’re all about in a raging two and a half minutes with fiery guitar leads, while another like the caffeinated “Resistance is Victory” purely shows off their rowdy, relentless fury. The song declares war on your ears and plows on through for a (nearly) solid two minutes with searing guitar hooks, sealing up heaping amounts of fury and resentment that greatly help characterize their sound and image. As if you really needed more to pummel you into the dirt, here’s another lethal track called “Negative Increase” that was recorded in the same 36 hour recording session but just didn’t fit on the 7″ with the rest of the tracks. Enjoy responsibly!

PS – Listen to the entire 7″ EP on the Epic Ditch Bandcamp

Unexploded Ordinance –

Resistance is Victory –

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative, Hardcore
36-Hour 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) More Juice
2.) Singular Form
3.) Unexploded Ordinance
4.) Tried and True
5.) Resistance is Victory

BUY the 7″ directly from Velocity of Sound Records – comes w/ mp3 download !
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