TRMRS – Goodtime Blues 7″

Since this past summer, TRMRS are a band we’ve been following quite closely. Hailing from Costa Mesa, California, they just dropped the digitals of their latest 7″ “Goodtime Blues” which is split with Seattle band NIGHT BEATS.

It’s also probably worth telling you that the 7″ is co-released by both Resurrection Records and Volcom Entertainment. As for the Night Beats contribution to the single, I can’t seem to find the material anywhere, so we’re going to focus solely on “Goodtime Blues.” It’s a five minute, twangy guitar jammer, starting off with a slow and lazy rhythm that pops off a short bit past the two minute marker. Once the momentum changes, things sound a lot more familiar – suddenly your caught in the midst of their stomping, bluesy tantrum, solidifying the “trash-pop” tag that so accurately depicts their blown-out, debauching fury. Crashing drums and plenty of crunchy guitar shards offer up a pulverizing smash that will leave you feeling quite satisfied before the song switches momentum again for the final minute. Colorful guitar leads and a swift drum beat guide us carefully to safety out of the track, creating a psyched-out surf-rock glimmer that flows carelessly into the fadeout. All that being said, this song offers three main parts, each acting like a progression of the section prior.

If only we had the Night Beats portion of the single we could continue going here, but that’s about all for today. You can listen to the digital bonus track “Enter the Door” on the TRMRS Bandcamp, which comes as a digital download when you buy the 7″. Also included with that download is the Night Beats half of the 7″, which will be available to due time!

Goodtime Blues –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Blues Rock, Garage Rock, Pop, Psychedelic
Goodtime Blues 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Goodtime Blues
2.) Enter the Door

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