Song of the Day #17: Ketamines – The Runaround

Here’s a song called “The Runaround” from the upcoming album from KETAMINES titled “Spaced Out.” The album drops March 6th and it’s a split release from both Mammoth Cave Records in Canada and Southpaw Records in California. Both labels offer a preorder for the record with a color edition of the vinyl limited to 100, so once those are gone you’ll be shit out of luck! If “The Runaround” is any indication, you probably won’t want to sleep on this one either. The song shows off their poppy blend of psychedelic rock, riddled with all sorts of warped and strung out sound effects that gives the track a woozy vibe. Jangly, pulsing guitar shards drive the song with a mysterious edge lurking in the shadows, which by the end of the track will only leave you aching for what else “Spaced Out” has to offer. Thankfully March 6th isn’t too far off, so sit tight my friends!

PS – Do yrself a HUGE favor and go check out these other two songs from the LP, you won’t be sorry.

The Runaround –

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi

PREORDER the LP from Southpaw – 100 on blue vinyl (US customers)
PREORDER the LP from Mammoth Cave – 100 on green vinyl (Canada customers)

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