Total Slacker – Thrashin’

After putting out a slew of demos, Total Slacker released their full length “Thrashin'” on September 27th on Marshall Teller Records. If you live in Brooklyn, there’s probably a chance you’ve already seen Total Slacker.

They’re one of the bands that circulates performances at venues like 285 Kent and Shea Stadium. But with a full album finally out, it’s time for Total Slacker to expand outside of their New York confines. The album opens strongly with the hypnotic jam “Psychic Mesa” and continues onto a collection of tracks that are heavily influenced by the nineties, both musically and lyrically. One of the songs is even called “Stuck in ’93” and references all of the forgotten fun of the decade such as Sega and Crystal Pepsi. One of Total Slacker’s strongest qualities is their lyrical content, like on the playful “These Condos Don’t Belong”. They joke about the gentrification of Williamsburg, but the meaning hits home, especially to people who will be clamoring to get their album if it will keep them relevant. Yes, there are a couple of more forgettable tracks on the album, but the band manages to stand out from the other lo-fi bands that are churned out of Brooklyn. It’s hard to mention Total Slacker without pointing out that their drummer, Ross Condon, is the younger sibling of Zach Condon of Beirut fame. But even without that connection, Total Slacker should be fine on their own.

Psychic Mesa –

Stuck in 93′ –

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Pop
Thrashin’ LP: Tracklist:
1.) Psychic Mesa
2.) Shitty Baby
3.) Secret VHS Collection
4.) These Condos Don’t Belong
5.) Magical Date Night
6.) Stuck in 93′
7.) Life on Easy Street
8.) Time Traveling High School Dropout
9.) Stealing from Salvation Army
10.) No Mo 4loko
11.) Koolz McRulez

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