Mind Spiders – Meltdown

Mark Ryan and his pop-punk project MIND SPIDERS has yet to let us down. His sophomore effort titled “Meltdown” on Dirtnap Records is only further proof that Mind Spiders are here to stay.

Swift and hectic pop-punk is the name of the game for Mind Spiders, except most of you probably already knew what to expect. Songs feature their fast and caffeinated approach, but there’s this notion of pop-punk paranoia that is slithering carefully along with most of these tracks. It’s the type of lurking notion that makes you think Mark Ryan was looking for something more than just your average pop-punk record – something more progressive if you will. Take a song like “More than You” which is nearly creepy in its own right. Bold and colorful melodic synth waves give great depth to a song that would otherwise probably be pretty stale, which also goes to show that feeling of paranoia tiptoeing in the depths.

It’s not just the one song that emits these vibes though. Other tracks like “Play Out Out” and “Fall in Line” give you know other option but to believe us. “Fall in Line” eventually spirals out into a heart-stopping guitar shrill that literally swallows the rest of the song for the whole last minute. As this halfway point of the record passes, you should realize that there’s something new and fresh to be heard in every one of these eleven tracks. Another awesome example presents itself in “Skull Eyed,” which features mesmerizing sci-fi synths that will hypnotize you with their troubling nature – once again, there’s that delusional feeling of paranoia creeping up the back of our necks.

The first track that was unveiled from the album, “Wait for Us,” shows off speedy guitars combining with bat-shit synth rays, which by this point should seal up the idea that these frantic songs all carefully tread on the line of insanity – hence the LP title “Meltdown.” The self-titled closing track gives us no other belief but to think this was Mark Ryan’s plan all along. With this electronic-instrumental finale, Mind Spiders have truly done it again. Much like you probably were anticipating, in the end this record spares all the bullshit. Ryan and the Mind Spiders show us just what mindful punk with a poppy twist should be like, no matter how disturbed and delusional things end up being.

Normally I’d leave you guys with many more tracks to sink your teeth into, but since this record hasn’t officially dropped yet, I’m not going to try and piss anybody off. Listen to “Wait for Us” right below and sit tight as the release date is around the corner on February 28th. Keep an eye on the Dirtnap Records website as well because there’s bound to be a chance to buy this in the coming weeks. Don’t sleep on it!

Wait for Us –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop, Alternative, Electronic
Meltdown LP: Tracklist:
1.) You Are Dead
2.) Beat
3.) On the Radio
4.) More than You
5.) Play Out Out
6.) Fall in Line
7.) Upside Down
8.) Skull Eyed
9.) Join Us Now
10.) Wait for Us
11.) Meltdown

KEEP your eye on Dirtnap Records for when the LP drops – should be sooner than later !
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