The Spyrals – Sunflower Microphone 7″

Since we know you all loved their LP so much, here’s an earlier 7″ from THE SPYRALS that helps us map out their path to where they are right now.

The self-released “Sunflower Microphone” shows off murky bass lines and those shimmering psych guitars that so excellently characterize the Spyrals sound. Between the dizzying instrumental breakdowns and their huge, engulfing psych aesthetic, these guys never seem to do anything on the small scale. Housed on the B-side is the track “Long Road Out” which also appears on their self-titled LP, which only means you should already be familiar. It’s riddled with all sorts of glistening jangle whether it’s the sharp guitar shards or the perpetual shimmy of the tambourine. If you’re interested go snatch up one of these 7″ singles before it’s too late because there’s only 300 to go around!

Sunflower Microphone –

Long Road Out –

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Rock, Garage Rock
Sunflower Microphone 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Sunflower Microphone
2.) Long Road Out

BUY the 7″ directly from the band – limited to 300 with only 100 on clear yellow vinyl !
The Spyrals – Official Website
The Spyrals on Facebook

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One thought on “The Spyrals – Sunflower Microphone 7″

  1. This is as awesome a gem as you could ever find…thanks for sharing, love this band, and am now another Spyrals addict.

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