Hooper – The Shallows 7″

Much like the rest we’ve heard from Snappy Little Numbers, this 7″ sticks to their niche by promoting their hometown hero’s from Denver. This 7″ from HOOPER is part of their latest pair of singles, coming out just before 2012.

For those not familiar, Hooper are a power-pop trio and this looks to be their very first 7″. They take on a fast and punchy power-pop sound with a bit of punk sprinkled in between the cracks which helps give them more of an attitude. Their songs feature plenty of crusty guitar distortion along with crystal clear production values that helps ensure an easy and pleasurable listening session. Fiery, melodic guitars pave the way in “100 Acre Slingshot,” combined with wailing vocals and endless crashing percussion that altogether make up this excellently produced, warm and layered pop-punk. The short song structure and melodic implications almost brings to mind a less bold version of Diarrhea Planet, but that’s warranted considering they don’t have the same army of guitars backing every one of their caffeinated moves. Be sure to look out for more from these Denver natives and don’t forget to grab a 7″ – they’re only 4$. It really doesn’t get much cheaper than that.

The Shallows –

100 Acre Slingshot –

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Punk, Alternative
The Shallows 7″: Tracklist:
1.) The Shallows
2.) 100 Acre Slingshot

BUY the 7″ directly from Snappy Little Numbers – limited to 300, only 4$ and on colored vinyl !
Hooper on Facebook

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