Graham Repulski – My Color is Red 7″ EP

GRAHAM REPULSKI drops his debut 7″ on the fairly new Big School Records which is based out of Philadelphia. “My Color is Red” is his first release since his full-length album “Into An Animal Together” in the summer.

Graham Repulski, hailing from Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, brings us his own strand of rough-around-the-edges indie-pop, featuring crunchy, dazed-out guitar textures and blown-out vocals that almost sound like they’re trying to hide something (other than the fact that they’re insufferably whiny). These four songs all stick to a similar formula with their lo-fi and alternative rock vibes, meaning that there are no sudden surprises to be found here. Thoughtful lyrics tell a story in a song like “Mommy’s Dreaming,” while sharp and dagger-like guitar licks continue to swirl and create that rough and edgy feeling. Aside from these edgy feelings, the notion of dream-pop also manages to come through in a feather-light track like “Everyone Likes My Three Dollar Shirt.” Guitars sound dense, jangly, and dirty but still somehow manage to produce the feeling that you’re floating up in the clouds – a surely strange but ultimately fitting combination.

Check out the songs below and don’t forget to snag a 7″ – there’s only 200 to go around on red vinyl!

Everyone Likes My Three Dollar Shirt –

Mommy’s Dreaming –

Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Dream Pop
My Color is Red 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) My Color is Red
2.) Everyone Likes My Three Dollar Shirt
3.) Mommy’s Dreaming
4.) My New Reputation

BUY the 7″ directly from Big School Records – limited to 200 on RED vinyl !
Graham Repulski on Bandcamp
Graham Repulski on Facebook

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