Darkside – Darkside EP

NICOLAS JAAR comes back with his latest project in collaboration with guitarist Dave Harrington. After touring for two months together over the summer they laid down some unique material in the recording studio.

This EP might show off a whole new type of style for Nicolas Jaar, but his moody traces are still slithering all over this refreshing EP. Ranging from his creepy vocals to his slow, shady, sometimes sexy electronic arrangements, Jaar has caught us off guard with his seemingly endless pool of creativity. Even still being in the game at a younger age, this dude is just beginning to get fired up for what looks to be an excellent future. Granted you could argue the songs of this EP maybe sound a bit similar at times, but that’s besides the point. With a side-project release like this, we can now gather that Jaar is a master of his own craft, and then some extra – that being said, the promise that this dude wields is shocking. Between plenty of funky, broken-down guitar work and Jaar’s haunting atmosphere’s, this is a release all on it’s own. Now check out the opening track below with all of it’s stunning experimentalism – it will definitely get you moving early on in your day.

A1 –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Electronic, Down-Tempo, Abstract
Darkside EP: Tracklist:
1.) A1
2.) A2
3.) A3

BUY the vinyl EP directly from Chemical Ltd.
Nicolas Jaar – Official Website
Dave Harrington – Official Website

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