White Magic – White Widow 7″

WHITE MAGIC hail from New York, New York where they were formed back in 2003 by Mira Billotte. “White Widow” is their latest offering, a self-released 7″ with one original track and a Jefferson Airplane cover.

As evidenced by the track “White Widow,” White Magic offer up an on-the-edge strand of psych-rock that sounds ready to explode at any moment. Big, drowning guitar riffs swallow you whole as they plague the entire A-side of the 7″ with their repetitive tendency. In the meantime, echoed vocals sound both cavernous and ghostly due to plenty of howling and cooing. The song eventually lazily drags out until it’s conclusion – there are no serious tricks involved.

The B-side is a cover of the timeless Jefferson Airplane track “White Rabbit.” A bouncing bass line and a marching snare drum greet us with a warm welcome, eventually broadened by small and colorful bursts of mindful guitar work. Once the song breaks open you will be sold – lead singer Mira Billotte howls with authority and stands out among the rest of the pack. All that being said, White Magic certainly do this classic song some serious justice. Now listen right below and see what you think.

White Widow –

White Rabbit –

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Post-Rock, Folk Rock
White Widow 7″: Tracklist:
1.) White Widow
2.) White Rabbit

BUY the 7″ directly from the band on Tumblr
White Magic on Facebook

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