Sros Lords – Evil Spawn 7″

Detroit four-piece SROS LORDS drop their debut 7″ on the pleasantly titled Urinal Cake Records, offering up a mutated blend of doom-punk that will leave you feeling quite filthy.

In looking for a band that would somehow compare to Sros Lords, one of the best that came to mind was Blasted Canyons, but don’t look too far into it. The two bands certainly do share some qualities with their distorted guitar crackle, but it’s the simplicity in Sros Lords approach that differs. Both songs on this 7″ are plagued by their oozing sci-fi synths which helps gives the tracks their demented, doom-punk complexion, followed by pummeling percussion and crusty bass lines. On top of that, you will encounter troubling vocals like “Evil spawn will bite my dick off.” Not only will that go a long way to paint a picture (they even utter something about insect tits), it just goes to show that these dudes are having some good, clean fun (you probably already noticed the puking praying mantis too) while rocking out. Check out both sides of the 7″ below and go snag a copy from Urinal Cake Records before it’s too late!

Evil Spawn –

The End –

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Noise Rock, Lo-Fi
Evil Spawn 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Evil Spawn
2.) The End

BUY the 7″ directly from Urinal Cake Records !
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