Bleached – Searching Through the Past 7″

BLEACHED is the sisterly duo of Jennifer and Jessica Clavin. This is their latest 7″ from the Suicide Squeeze label, coming in an edition of 500 just before the new year.

Bleached officially took form after the dispersion of Mika Miko in 2009, when Jennifer Clavin made her way back to Los Angeles to reunite with her sister after spending a year in New York City (if you’re curious, this interview lays out the story nicely). “Searching Through the Past” marks their third 7″ single, which brings to mind the question if there might be a full length down the road. The interview addresses that question as well, but at this time we can’t seem to tell.

“Searching Through the Past” is made up of bold and punchy guitars that give this song an obvious pop flare, driven by structured and repetitive power-chords that lead to the songs eventual fade out. Sharp guitar licks are scattered in between the zig-zag of power-chords, resulting in a solid minute of warming layered bliss before the song finally fades out. B-side “Electric Chair” keeps the fuzz going strong, this time driven by a pounding tom-tom rhythm and gritty sandpaper guitars. The commanding vocal duo wails with authority as they rush on through the endless flood of guitar fuzz, creating this nervous wave of energy by the end of the track that is too good to miss and too innocent to deny. Don’t miss it.

PS – Only a couple more posts to go before our year end countdown lists. Stay tuned, should be coming your way by the end of the week.

Searching Through the Past –

Electric Chair –

My Rating: 7.6/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Alternative, Post-Punk
Searching Through the Past 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Searching Through the Past
2.) Electric Chair

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound – limited to 500, comes w/ free download !
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