Crystal Stilts – Radiant Door EP

CRYSTAL STILTS are back again after their sophomore album from earlier this year. It’s their brand new EP that supplies us with five unheard tracks from the Sacred Bones label.

With the release of this EP, you can now say that the Crystal Stilts have had an excellent 2011. Their year started with “In Love With Oblivion,” which definitely had its moments, yet by the ending it still left you feeling a bit empty. “Radiant Door” sounds like that missing link that should have came between their debut “Alight of Night” and “In Love With Oblivion.”

Referring to the songs on “Radiant Door,” I think by now it’s safe to say that the Stilts have managed to recapture what made their “Alight of Night” era material so special. It’s all in the simplicity because there’s really not a whole lot going on in these songs, but don’t take that statement the wrong way. Take “Still As the Night” for example, which evokes a sly and longing feeling with its coarse, outlaw-ish twang. Lead singer Brad Hargett croons with hurt as he sings about his lost love, while lysergic keys and bouncy bass lines smoothly guide us through the mysterious breeze. That being said, there’s really not anything that takes the song above and beyond to change the momentum and that’s the beauty of it all. The Stilts manage to keep you immersed without overwhelming you with any bullshit, to the point where you become totally mesmerized by repetition and prismatic synths that swirl above your head.

Another highlight, “Low Profile,” carelessly wobbles along in its blissful glory, driven by rumbling tom-tom rolls and glossy keys that shimmer and glow against a sweeping clap. These elements all combine into one overwhelmingly pleasurable synth-pop landscape, leaving you no other option but to spin it again. Listen to it right here to see what you think.

Radiant Door –

Low Profile –

My Rating: 8.4/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative
Radiant Door EP: Tracklist:
1.) Dark Eyes
2.) Radiant Door
3.) Still As the Night
4.) Low Profile
5.) Frost Inside the Asylum

BUY the Radiant Door EP on Insound
Crystal Stilts – Official Website

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