Ramma Lamma – Little Runaway 7″

Milwaukee glam-poppers RAMMA LAMMA are back with their brand new 7″ on Goodbye Boozy. The husband and wife duo of Wendy Norton and Ryan King only continue to churn out more records.

“Little Runaway” is their most recent effort to date, being the last of the three latest singles from Goodbye Boozy (the others were Audacity and the People’s Temple). “Little Runaway” plows on through with a heavy stomping rhythm, featuring sharp and jagged guitar licks that squeal in mercy as the snarling vocals guide you through the electrified minefield. The flip side “Do You Know What I’m Doing?” features more fiery guitars that help solidify a power-pop notion in their sound, picking up momentum at times and overflowing with high-voltage soloing. While that’s awesome, it’s the corny lyrics in this song that might be the overall turn off. Now hear both sides of the 7″ below and have yourself a nice holiday tomorrow.

Little Runaway –

Do You Know What I’m Doing? –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Power-Pop, Alternative, Garage Rock
Little Runaway 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Little Runaway
2.) Do You Know What I’m Doing?

Not sure where to buy this anymore – go ask the Goodbye Boozy folks >> goodbyeboozy@tin.it
Ramma Lamma on Facebook

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