Heavy Times, Brain Idea Live in Philadelphia (11/19/11)

Despite poor attendance ratings, Saturday night in Philadelphia was an entertaining one. HEAVY TIMES, BRAIN IDEA and LANTERN all joined forces for a much-needed show at Little Bar in South Philly.

Brain Idea were touring for their latest EP “Cosmos Factory” on Mexican Summer, while Heavy Times were touring fresh off the heels of their brand new album “Jacker” from Hozac Records. At the same time Lantern were wrapping up their tour where they played out west, so they must have been psyched to be playing on their home turf again in Philadelphia, especially with such awesome company. Below are a slew of videos from the show, so be sure not to miss out.

Brain Idea – “Plates” & “Suspended in Bliss”

Brain Idea took the stage first. This extended clip includes a song apiece from both of their records – “Cosmos Factory” and “The Survival Scrolls.” The way they carelessly drift off into musical oblivion is certainly a unique characteristic of their live show, which really speaks for the meditative qualities of their EP.

Heavy Times – Skull Hair

Shortly after that Heavy Times proceeded to take over the stage with their poppy psych-punk, getting a bit sloppy while playing by no rules at all and straight up blasting the crowd.

Heavy Times – Future City

Any good Heavy Times fan knows this song existed long before their new album “Jacker,” but here it is in it’s refined and destructive glory (apologies – clearly had some trouble with the focus, not sure why…)

Heavy Times – Erase the Sun

Considering the length of Heavy Times overall set time, this track was more than a treat. It’s probably the most punishing track from their new album “Jacker” and this video will prove that time and time again. Threatening and demonic guitar shards do the dirty work in this punky rager, with an end result that is just too good to be true – but it is. And if that’s not enough for ya, here’s one more song from Heavy Times set – it’s “Bad Fun” from their 2010 album “Dead.”

Heavy Times – Erase the Sun –

Brain Idea – Cosmos Factory –

Heavy Times on Facebook
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BUY the Brain Idea EP “Cosmos Factory” from Insound – limited to 500 !
BUY the new Heavy Times LP from Hozac Records – gold edition still available !

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