Easter Vomit – Vs. the Natural History Museum

Our Philadelphia friends at Evil Weevil Records had the pleasure of releasing the debut LP from EASTER VOMIT back in September. Their album sees you through a troubling realm of both lo-fi and noisy arrangements, where the rock n’ roll is hidden somewhere in the trenches.

This interesting debut is made up of crunchy lo-fi basement jams that have just as much musk and grit as the basements that birthed them, all made up by one Brooklyn dude (whose name we cannot find) that adds his friends to the lineup for live shows. These songs usually fall somewhere between slowly staggering and a medium pace, featuring roaring guitar squeals that resemble fingernails on chalkboards as the metallic clang stops your heart. These crusty pop songs are undoubtedly lo-fi in quality, both in vocals and instrumentation as everything sounds strained by a grimy filter that needs cleaning while letting all the other slop pass through. There’s also a playful element buried deep somewhere in the lo-fi filth that some of these songs have, proven in a track like “Someone’s in the Room With Us” as they plow on through for a full minute.

“Psychic Infection” is one of the oddities on this record that helps prove such statements. This track has two different halves as it’s separated by some bizarre vocal morphing in the midst, resulting in chipmunk vocals (or as they described it on Get Bent – “helium voice”). Either works for this case and quite convincingly at that. Now backtracking a short bit, “Meteor Tea” shows off plenty of organized yet contemplative guitar work, resulting in a somewhat pensive number with bloodthirsty shrieks randomly scattered in between that helps shake the hypnotizing notion that eventually grabs a hold.

“Full Body Apparitions” is a dark and twisted downer, driven by tom-heavy rhythms and frustrated guitar licks as it pushes forward with its ghostly aura. Then the noisy self-titled track that follows coalesces seamlessly into the following highlight “Whales”. This is about as lazy sounding as it gets on this record, where the song follows along on a repetitive yet simple guitar hook with primitive percussion, growing with intensity with every passing second until it trails off into crunchy guitar oblivion. They bring the song full circle with some strung out guitar soloing which only reinforces the lazy idea after initially pumping itself up. Now check out the songs below and see what you think. Keep in mind this is a one-time pressing of 500, so get it while you can!

Grey Shapes, Grapes Already –

Meteor Tea –

Whales –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Noise Rock, Garage Rock, Pop
Vs. the Natural History Museum: Tracklist:
1.) Grey Shapes, Grapes Already
2.) Meteor Tea
3.) Psychic Infection
4.) Wolves Luv You
5.) Someone’s in the Room With Us
6.) Full Body Apparition
7.) Easter Vomit Versus the Natural History Museum
8.) Whales
9.) Rhythm Rock
10.) Antarctica MemOREE
11.) Full Moons and Lust (Car Hair and Dust)

BUY the LP directly from Evil Weevil – limited to 500, one time pressing !
Easter Vomit on Facebook
Listen to the entire album on Soundcloud

2 thoughts on “Easter Vomit – Vs. the Natural History Museum

  1. Since you could not find band member name: Easter Vomit WAS Michael Delaney and Jacob Warstler, ex-drummer for The Beets. Now Easter Vomit is: Michael Delaney, Chie Mori on drums, and Joe Boginski. They’ve been playing low-key gigs with like-minded bands all over Brooklyn for a year now, I guess, and they are GREAT!

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