Kitchen’s Floor – Look Forward to Nothing

Gritty Australian trio KITCHEN’S FLOOR return in 2011 with their sophomore effort “Look Forward to Nothing” on Siltbreeze Records. It’s the follow up to their LP “Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress” from 2009, an album that saw plenty of positive feedback.

For a full twenty minutes, this entire album features an unruly metallic guitar screech that plagues every last song with it’s infinite scuzz, which is too thick and rusty to cut through with even the most stringent cleaners. To make things a bit more clear, in a song like “Every Day”, the sleazy guitars combine with a menacing synth wave, where together the destructive pair will leave you feeling dazed and damaged as they plow through in unison, resulting in a full-fledged noise-attack. Sit down and let this filthy racket of lo-fi garbage contaminate you with every passing minute, where soon enough you’ll realize that this album ends much quicker than you would hope, which ends up being our only real complaint with the entire record – it’s overall length.

Putting that aside, underneath all of the disorienting crunch you will find unsettling pop song structures (“No Love”, “Graves”, “116”, “Insects”), which goes a long way to illustrate the obvious pop sensibilities that this trio possesses. On top of that, they do an excellent job of shouting and carrying on (“Regrets”), which almost helps gives this music a playful element, yet everything feels too stern for it to be playful for too long. That being said, it’s a feeling that comes and goes, much like these quick songs that barely ever last past the two minute mark (only three of them do). “Kidney Infection” is the only track that truly differs from the entire batch, being that it’s a strummy acoustic number that flows along with blown-out vocals. It still retains the obvious grit that the rest of this album beholds, so in some ways it’s not so different, but it still sticks out like a sore thumb.

No Love –

116 –

Insects –

My Rating: 8.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Noise Rock, Lo-Fi, Pop, Garage Rock
Look Forward to Nothing LP: Tracklist:
1.) No Love
2.) Graves
3.) 116
4.) Regrets
5.) Needs
6.) Every Day
7.) Kidney Infection
8.) Insects
9.) Orbit
10.) Twenty-Four

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