Something Men – Birdy Roof 7″

SOMETHING MEN hail from somewhere in England (is it Worcester?) and just released their debut 7″ on EZPZ Records. They take on a grass roots rockabilly type of garage rock that is invigorating yet somehow mysterious.

Despite Something Men not really trying to hide anything in their music, there’s still this puzzling element that gives everything a mysterious edge, which can best be detected in “Birdy Roof”. Even though we know they’re not hiding anything, it still sounds like something is hidden in the cracks – something we don’t know but they do. However you shouldn’t be confused. We’re not trying to say this music is missing anything, because that would be a huge mistake.

“Birdy Roof” is a lazy sounding bluesy shuffle that treads along at a medium pace, riddled with all sorts of crunchy and twangy guitar licks that help produce this wet and dripping psychedelic element within. They really flip the psych switch to the max a short bit past the halfway point of the song. It’s subtle in the sense that they’re not trying to destroy your ears with unnecessary noise, but goddamn does it come on heavy. Heavy like you can feel countless fists pummeling you into the ground, endlessly weighing you down and overpowering you no matter how hard you try to get back to your feet – like you slouched down into your chair and you never want to rise back up, riding the lazy but driven vibes up until the last quivering note.

On the flipside, “Mud Brown Mistress” sticks more to the garage rock side of the fence. A throbbing bass deep below drives the rest of the song head first into another rusty and unsettling psyched-out onslaught. Unpredictable chicken-scratch guitars somehow complement the swift rhythm until they steadily calm back down in one organized and sensible motion. That being said, these guys know exactly what they’re doing and how they want to do it. At this time we can only hope to have more from Something Men in the near future. Snag their 7″ while ya still can because once people realize what is going on here, it’ll be too late!

Birdy Roof –

Mud Brown Mistress –

My Rating: 8.6/10
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Blues Rock, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi
Birdy Roof 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Birdy Roof
2.) Mud Brown Mistress

BUY the 7″ directly from Sorry State Records (or @ EZPZ for EU customers)
Something Men on Tumblr
Something Men on Facebook

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