Pujol – Angelbaby 7″

Here’s another from our friends at Velocity of Sound Records, this time a somewhat recent 7″ by PUJOL out of Nashville, TN, fronted by Daniel Pujol himself, featuring one previously unreleased track.

Let it be known that before hearing this 7″, we were totally unaware of Pujol. Now that’s a different story thanks to Velocity of Sound Records, who sent over what looks like one of the most recent Pujol albums released all year. “ANGELBABY” is a track that would later be included on “X File on Main Street“, a CDr from Pujol released earlier this year by Infinity Cat.

“ANGELBABY” is the type of song that makes it difficult to just sit back and tag any song with a primary sound and just simply ignoring that fact wouldn’t be fair, so this is the kind of bizarre sound that needs to be embraced. Pujol don’t seem to be following any preconceived patterns with this song – more like they’re just doing their own thing as they go and forgetting everything else. It’s definitely a thought-provoking track as they hint at sex and stuff throughout, culminating with an army of creepy crying babies at the very end that may leave you feeling a bit insane if that relentless, static-like texture didn’t already do so. Needless to say though, there’s an underlying notion to get up and dance that honestly might take a few solid listens to detect before it’s all you can think about. In that regard, it’s pretty easy to warm up to such an odd song if you just keep at it.

Good thing we have a B-side as well, because this gives us plenty more insight with what Pujol are shooting for with their music. The A-side alone is just simply not enough. “Over the Counter-Culture Jam” is a drawn out instrumental track, characterized by fat and murky bass lines and sharp, spiky guitar work, both being the complete opposite of one another which creates an obvious dichotomy between the two. In the end this creates an awesome dynamic sense in the song, simultaneously leaving us curious with the hell the rest of their discography could hold for us after hearing just these two songs (and how could you blame us?). Give it some time and we might get back to you on that, but not before you check out these two songs below!

Angelbaby –

Over the Counter-Culture Jam –

My Rating: 7.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Electronic
Angelbaby 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Angelbaby
2.) Over the Counter-Culture Jam

BUY the 7″ directly from Velocity of Sound Records – on opaque orange vinyl !
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