Diarrhea Planet – Loose Jewels

“Loose Jewels” is the debut LP from Nashville band DIARRHEA PLANET. Like most make a point to say, they have an unfortunate name, however their music blows every sense of caring straight out of the water. So fuck it.

With an LP that doesn’t even pass the twenty minute mark, you would think that somewhere in the process we would be getting cut short. Normally that might be the case, but “Loose Jewels” is a totally different story. Six rowdy motherfuckers from Nashville all join forces as they’ve been best friends since the beginning and put together quite an impressive debut album, featuring melodic and straight-forward punk rock with a youthful, fun-loving energy that extends for miles. Every last song has a raging spirit that’s just as bruising as the last, with each song worthy of an anthemic, fist-in-air celebration where partying would never be frowned upon. That being said, every one of these eleven songs are worthy of being featured below, but unfortunately we only have room for a few so we had to pick wisely.

Most of these tracks don’t even last past the two minute mark, but there’s still somehow a notion of accomplishment with every song that passes. They don’t leave you yearning for much else besides their hot and bothered rampage, which can easily be achieved by putting these ragers on repeat. Below we’ve picked out some of our favorite highlights for you, beginning with the excellent “Ice Age” that totally sets the tone for the entire album. The rest all show off their excellently energetic and aggressive guitar playing, proven equally in a memorable three-track span on the album, from “Your Head” up until “Raft Nasty”. See where you stand after listening below! In the end it’s just another reason to love the Nashville music scene!

Ice Age –

Your Head –

My Dubs –

Raft Nasty –

My Rating: 8.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative
Loose Jewels: Tracklist:
1.) Intro
2.) Ice Age
3.) Warm Ridin’
4.) Orange Girls
5.) Your Head
6.) My Dubs
7.) Raft Nasty
8.) Cigarettes
9.) Juggernaut!
10.) Teepee Toes
11.) Fauser

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