The Ceiling Stares/ The Super Vacations – Split 7″

Coming from our new friends at Velocity of Sound Records (in conjunction with Sweaters & Pearls), together they released this split 7″ featuring Pittsburgh band THE CEILING STARES and THE SUPER VACATIONS from Virginia.

For the Ceiling Stares, this is the first time any of their music has been pressed to vinyl. As for the Super Vacations, that’s a different story as they’ve put out a handful of releases from Shdwply Records and then some (there’s even more listed in their description on Facebook). While we haven’t had the pleasure of even listening to half of those, their two songs here are easily our favorites. Focusing on the Ceiling Stares efforts, we can only hope they’ll be pressing more to vinyl sooner than later.

As for their track included here, it’s an over-the-top, balls-to-the-wall five-minute banger with just about everything you could ever hope for, the most delicious being those airy and “possessed” synth riffs that occasionally come out of the woodwork (yeah, ‘possessed’ is undoubtedly dead on, they said it too). They continue to pummel everything in sight for a full fledged five minutes of fluttering synths, scratchy guitar crunches and fiery soloing that seemingly puts everything else to shame. Like they say on their Facebook page, they strive for psychedelia and they have certainly delivered just that this time. Don’t miss this song below.

Switching momentum over to the Super Vacations side of the fence, this delivers two news songs, both of which barely make it past the two minute mark. “Hexing” is a streamlined psych-pop ass-kicker with plenty of noisy guitar jangle to put a hole in your head. These riff-heavy guitars continue to mercilessly crash into your skull without warning, resulting in the culminating moment where everything is still somehow in one solid piece at the finish line. Their other track “Controller” manages to follow a somewhat similar pattern, sounding even a bit more dire than the last, and perhaps that’s what makes these songs sound so curious and unsettling – the fact that they stick such a menacing vibe to their fast-paced psych-punk. Or maybe it’s just the relentless, dagger-like guitar shards that repeatedly pick away at your head. Whatever works best for you! Either way just don’t sleep on these songs below!

The Ceiling Stares – A Tunnel Through the Air –

The Super Vacations – Hexing –

My Rating: 8.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Pop, Post-Punk
Velocity of Sound Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) The Ceiling Stares – A Tunnel Through the Air
2.) The Super Vacations – Hexing
3.) The Super Vacations – Controller

BUY the 7″ directly from Velocity of Sound – limited to 500 on GREEN vinyl !
OR – Snag it from Sweaters & Pearls on PURPLE vinyl
The Super Vacations on Facebook
The Ceiling Stares on Facebook

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