Grouper – Water People 7″

Adding another 7″ to her discography last month was GROUPER. This is the first 7″ from Liz Harris this year, coming from the Ballroom Marfa organization in Texas in an edition of 500.

“Water People” radiates out of your speakers with it’s subtle yet entrancing power, but the most stunning part is how such a compelling and powerful song can be done up so minimally. As far as we know, the most happening here are Harris’ dry and breathy vocals, timely lulling guitars and a squishy, glowing ambient texture deep in the background swallowing everything whole. This is surely a remarkable and influential track, one that may require endless plays before complete satisfaction. Throughout you can feel the song tighten its grasp as everything becomes denser and fuller, slowly but surely immersing you in the gorgeous, glistening swell that sadly must come to an end. After you spend some time with such a track, you may pick up on a theme of loneliness.

It’s no surprise just how quickly this 7″ sold out with such a gentle yet mysterious song, but flipping the 7″ only continues the warming vibes. On the flipside, “Moving Machine” sounds lost in a peaceful, nearly submerged realm of calmed and confused notions, falling somewhere between the holiest sacred shrine and an ethereal, windy forest where nothing is as real as it seems. It’s just as perplexing as it is relaxing, with chiming effects sticking out of the hazily glowing textures. It feels wintry, chilly and strung out all at the same time, ultimately culminating into one of our more highly regarded singles of the year. Find out why with these two songs below.

Water People –

Moving Machine –

My Rating: 8.8/10
Genre/ Tags: Ethereal, Ambient, Experimental, Electronic
Water People 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Water People
2.) Moving Machine

BUY the 7″ on Discogs – it’s sold out everywhere else.
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