Knifey Spoony – Art Show Press Pass 7″

KNIFEY SPOONY are a three piece punk band who come from the beautiful Oakland, California. This looks to be their first release on vinyl, released by the fairly unknown Orifice Dorm Records.

Their 7″ serves up the kind of punk that will leave a gaping gash gushing blood on your forehead. Throwing a fit in the middle of the pit frenzy does not seem to far off from this brand of fiery punk rock-slop. The scuzzy and rowdy noise is shambolic and unforgiving in the best possible ways, carving a new unforeseen path around every sharp angle. Batshit guitars and pounding rhythms beat your skull inward like clenched fist on “Art Show Press Pass”, only stopping to wipe the sweat and blood from the brow from time to time.

Spiky guitars and clanky percussion do the damage in “Retro Poster Enema”, where bloodthirsty vocals and blazing fury punch their way to the forefront. Suddenly the song changes paths, hurling face first into punk oblivion and galloping like a mad man, before faltering back to a steady beating of discontented anger to close the track. Closing track “Hey Tonite” is the epic finisher, taking on a more progressive punk vibe as each element of the song is slowly but surely introduced. The squealing and scratchy guitars are only the beginning, as you will quickly learn that they dismantle everything in their path as this banger unfolds. Hear two tracks below, then check their Bandcamp page to hear the third.

Art Show Press Pass –

Retro Poster Enema –

My Rating: 7.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Noise Rock, Lo-Fi
Art Show Press Pass 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Art Show Press Pass
2.) Retro Poster Enema
3.) Hey Tonite

BUY the 7″ directly from the band – limited to 300 !
Knifey Spoony on Facebook
Knifey Spoony on Bandcamp

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