Colleen Green – Cujo EP

COLLEEN GREEN couldn’t give less of a fuck and clearly she wants you to know that. This is her new EP due out on Art Fag Recordings, hitting shelves near you on October 4th.

Six songs deep and nearly twenty three full minutes in length, the Boston-to-California transplant Colleen Green takes another stab at her charming, estrogen powered pop punk since the last time we heard on her Green One 7″. If you liked what you heard back then, then perhaps you should stick around for this one here.

Green sticks with her trusty drum machine, the eventual backbone to every last song on this upcoming EP. In that case, you have to dig a bit deeper to find a significant difference from the earlier 7″. If you ask us, that change occurs in her guitar playing, where punk inflected guitar chords call the shots and heat things up. This is illustrated excellently in songs like “Rabid Love” and “End of Time”, where “Rabid Love” sounds like a fiery muskball of gritty, garage ready guitars. Also, the power chord punch within “End of Time” shows this as well, where a lazy sounding bridge in the middle supplies the song with stoned guitar soloing and unidentified voice clips of people arguing over some bullshit. At this time we can gather that Green kicked up the guitar work a few notches, to which we totally approve.

Chiming bells lead the way in “Mike”, deep into a cosmic sounding realm as Green questionably sings about a past lover. As the end approaches you can feel the song getting heavier until it’s eventual fade out, the way most of these songs wrap up. Following that is “Rabid Love”, a sure highlight from the EP, where Green serves up some awesome electrified soloing with her obvious pop sensibilities that stretch for miles. Check out both of these songs below, and then be ready for the EP on October 4th.

Mike –

Rabid Love –

My Rating: 7.2/10
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Pop, Punk
Cujo EP: Tracklist:
1.) U + Me
2.) Mike
3.) Rabid Love
4.) End of Time
5.) Jesse Has a New Girl
6.) Cujo

BUY the EP on October 4th from Art Fag Recordings
Colleen Green on Bandcamp

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One thought on “Colleen Green – Cujo EP

  1. One of those “unidentified voices” is Arnold Schwarzenegger! The clip is from “Kindergarten Cop,” I think.

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