Witch Hat/ Zomes – Friends Records Split 7″

Friends Records is a growing label based out of Baltimore, MD. This is one of their most recent releases, a locally split 7″ between the dreaded WITCH HAT and ZOMES – otherwise known as guitarist Asa Osborne of Lungfish.

What you will find here is a track apiece from both of these crushing bands who call Baltimore their homes. Zomes has had a few releases over the past few years, one being the “Earth Grid” LP from Thrill Jockey earlier in 2011. Witch Hat, on the other hand, are still a fairly new name with their debut LP in the works, also on Friends Records. It’s out now and you can snag it if interested!

As far as their song on this 7″ goes, it definitely gives us some insight to their sound. “Lasting Damage” creates a horrific wave of threatening, metal tinged hardcore with a drawn out, post-rock complexion. In the end this rager produces the smell of rotten, searing flesh while also managing to maintain the structure of the loud-to-quiet song pattern – a small indication to some post-rock tenancies but nothing drastic. The song switches from a batshit crazy onslaught into a sluggish, lazy sounding build-up that is eventually the exit of the track. On the flipside, the untitled Zomes track is like a mysteriously shimmering dreamscape of tribal meetings and blissful, spiritual pilgrimages. Needless to say, they are two totally different tracks showing just what the dynamic Baltimore music scene is capable of delivering.

Witch Hat – Lasting Damage –

Zomes – untitled –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Noise Rock, Post-Rock
Friends Records Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Witch Hat – Lasting Damage
2.) Zomes – untitled track

BUY the 7″ from Friends Records once it’s released !
Witch Hat on Facebook
Zomes on Holy Mountain

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