The Widows – Critical Massacre

THE WIDOWS of San Diego, California released their brand new album “Critical Massacre” on Cave Punk Records earlier this year. It comes limited to 300 on gorgeous red/black swirl wax for endless spinning pleasure.

Included on their new album is ten smoking hot tracks of clean and tidy punk rock (none passing the three minute mark) with an endless power chord punch. Nasty guitar licks and flattening rhythms are angled around all sorts of sharp obstacles, like the demanding bass throbs of “Shadow of Love” or the guitar shrills of “No End”. There’s even some overlapping members in the band from the like-minded sounds of Spider Fever, who also just released a 7″ on Cave Punk. Simply listening to the record will reveal similarities in their sound, which in the end (as a quick side note) definitely shows off the musical prowess of Cave Punk Records.

Sitting through the album unveils all sorts of explosive action, like the bruising bass line of “Built” that goes hurling face first into a guitar shredding can opener of metallic grit. That cringing guitar screech is like fingernails on a chalkboard. You will also encounter the engulfing, big chord pummel of an excellent track like “I’m Lost”, which is perpetually relentless down to the very last drum roll. “Hey Joe” is another standout, where dense guitars and swift drumming make up a huge wall of sound, all summed up in exactly two minutes. That being said, the Widows barely need more than two and a half minutes to get their point across in these songs, because none last past three minutes. Now focusing on album closer “She Don’t Know”, this is an awesome and totally rowdy finale that blows the rest out of the water – they saved the best for last this time. A purely shambolic ending considering how often they manage to keep their cool throughout the LP.

Useless World –

Miss Salty –

I’m Lost –

She Don’t Know –

My Rating: 7.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative
Critical Massacre: Tracklist:
1.) Useless World
2.) Miss Salty
3.) Built
4.) I’m Lost
5.) Shadow of Love
6.) Hang it Up
7.) No End
8.) Hey Joe
9.) Let Us Go
10.) She Don’t Know

BUY the LP directly from Cave Punk – limited to 300 on red swirl vinyl !
The Widows on Facebook

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