Shy – Shy EP

Hailing from northern California is SHY, a brand new act who just released their first EP for free on Bandcamp. This is one of those unsearchable band names so unfortunately there’s not too much else we can tell you right now.

While we don’t know much about the band itself, we can tell you what direction their sound is headed. Shy play mindful alt-rock with a dreamy pop twist with lush, crystal clear production values. It’s a surely refreshing sound even if it’s not particularly groundbreaking, melding elements from elaborate 90’s shoegaze, crunchy garage rock and tender dream pop. A song like “Spin” has a post-rock feel that could manifest into other, bigger ideas in the future, also showing they have heavy interest in cosmic atmospheres and fluttering textures. “Orbits” falls into a similar mystic realm as well, which is repetitive in a way that again suggests their shoegazey intentions. EP closer and highlight “Cold” is an extended jam out with endless cymbal splashing and a harder approach, eventually breaking off into a spaced-out stargaze stemming from the glowing guitar loop. In the end we hope you find this EP promising as we look forward to the future of this largely anonymous moniker.

Orbits –

Shift –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Indie Rock, Shoegaze, Dream Pop
Shy EP: Tracklist
1.) Orbits
2.) Shift
3.) Spin
4.) Cold

Shy on Bandcamp – free download of the EP !

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