Blasted Canyons – Blasted Canyons

BLASTED CANYONS is Hether Fedewa (of Wax Idols), Adam Finken and Matt Jones. This is their debut album from Castle Face Records, which is lost in a completely batshit realm of demented punk best suited for the live setting.

Now at this point we haven’t been able to test that theory, but you definitely get that feeling as the entire album plays out. They push the throttle all the way to full for the duration, where heated, snotty and absolutely delusional punk rock takes the driver seat, riddled with all of their sloppy, psycho twists. As they bring their energy to the max, they never even look back to see the damage they’ve caused, which definitely reveals some more insight to their unpredictable attitudes. For example, that menacing synth that appears in most songs (most notably “Death and A Half”) sounds like a decaying death ray that vaporizes everything on contact which leaves you cringing in mercy.

With each destructive song that passes, Blasted Canyons seem to be creating their own freakish style of warped punk rock, setting aside any previous rules and regulations to rot in hell – another sure indication of their eccentric, ‘fuck-that-shit’ attitude. As the record plays out, a sure highlight comes in “Ice Cream Man”. This proves they can clean up their act and leave behind a chunk of that hectic energy, because this track feels much more channeled and balanced. Conversely, “I Know A Dude” features more of those abrasive, mind-altering synths as the berserk, blown out punk rock slays your ears with every last gritty chord.

Following that track is “The Artist Formerly”, which begins as a staggering, hellish slow burner with an obviously downer mentality. However that changes quite abruptly and it’s for the better. They push the pedal to the metal and destroy everything in their path with rollicking sections of progressive punk fury and the end result will only keep you coming back for more. So whether it’s an erratic and abrasive onslaught like “Fries Yr Eyes” or a straight-rocking, in-yr-face blowout like “Lasers vs. Lizards”, this wild album has a new surprise for the listener around even the sharpest angles. Check out these songs below if you’re looking for a bit of a face lift because they will do just that. Now you can’t say you weren’t warned.

Blood on the Wall –

Ice Cream Man –

The Artist Formerly –

Pentagone Gone –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Experimental, Lo-Fi
Blasted Canyons s/t LP: Tracklist:
1.) Intro
2.) Blood on the Wall
3.) Fries Yr Eyes
4.) Death and A Half
5.) Lasers vs. Lizards
6.) Ice Cream Man
7.) Three Synths, One Cup
8.) The Man in Question
9.) I Know A Dude
10.) The Artist Formerly
11.) Pentagone Gone
12.) Consider Drowning
13.) Outro

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