Eyes & Ears/ Snake Mountain – Split 7″

Introducing the brand new label Snappy Little Numbers out of Denver, this split 7″ we have today features two of their most lethal local acts including SNAKE MOUNTAIN and EYES & EARS.

For Snappy Little Numbers, this split 7″ is like a mission statement (or even a preview) for a brand new label that has a long life ahead. They do a hell of a job letting everybody know just what their musical goals are with these two ripping punk onslaughts. Considering this rowdy split was their first official release (they’ve had a second by now), it kind of gives you an idea of what we could potentially hear later in the game.

Included on this fine slab of wax are two mouthfuls of a song, one each coming from Eyes & Ears and Snake Mountain, both being Denver natives. Starting with Eyes & Ears, their track is a hard hitting punk outburst featuring fiery, electrified guitars and a pounding rhythm which beats your eardrums to death. There’s no telling what you’ll encounter around the sharp and jagged guitar edges, however we can tell you that it won’t be pretty. On the flip, “Defend Colfax” is the Snake Mountain number, which is another ass kicking punk headbanger with nasty guitar licks, echoed vocals, all done up with their addictive pop-punk sensibility. The way the track is organized makes for a clean and clear aesthetic as the verses and choruses flow into each other quite seamlessly, making for a certainly excellent track that you will probably find yourself going back to. Now go and snag the split from Snappy Little Numbers because it’s only $4!

I Buried My Heart Under Bar Bar –

Defend Colfax –

My Rating: 7.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Alternative
Snappy Little Numbers Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Eyes & Ears – I Buried My Heart Under Bar Bar (Then Burned it Down to the Ground)
2.) Snake Mountain – Defend Colfax

BUY the Split 7″ directly from SLN – only $4 !!
Eyes & Ears on Myspace
Snake Mountain on Myspace
Snappy Little Numbers Label on Facebook

2 thoughts on “Eyes & Ears/ Snake Mountain – Split 7″

  1. snake mountain remind me of early fluid. I think they were from denver before they went to seattle. or am i just making all that up? I can’t remember. ripping record though. cheers

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