Cosmonauts – New Psychic Denim CS

COSMONAUTS of Fullerton, California have certainly had a busy 2011. This new cassette entitled “New Psychic Denim” is their third release of the year from Burger Records, while they have another 7″ in the works from Bad Afro.

So to start things off easy, if you’ve been into either of their other releases this year, then you should have no trouble with this new cassette. What’s included are eight tracks, most of which are brand new while a few were previously released on their Goodbye Boozy 7″. The recording quality of these eight distorted psych bangers all somehow create a huge, sweeping texture that is so overwhelming you can’t even breathe. This results in a perpetual wall of thick and gritty garage rock savagery that Cosmonauts are certainly capable of delivering – something they have already proven well before this cassette.

Opener “Psychic Denim” is a loud and noisy jam which will set the tone for everything else to come. Chanted vocals sound warped and totally blown out as they yelp and scream in between the words, which no matter how hard you try almost always sounds completely unintelligible. This quickly becomes the pattern for these relentless songs. This follows into the threatening slow burner “Dreamboat”, which has an evil Arabian night scenario driven by primitive, tom-heavy drumming and crusty guitars.

This brings us to the rowdy “Flowerbomb”, which is plagued with strobe light textured guitars that have no other goal but to make heads explode. They engulf everything about the track, from the manic drumming to the crazed sonic intensity that produces the feeling of complete obliteration, this one here will knock you on your ass and kick you while you’re down. This brings the untitled instrumental next, where a heavy guitar crunch creates the feelings of a parched landscape with an endless haze that constantly floats above the surface. The lazy, shimmering jangle of bells are the cowboys on their horses who have to endure such sweltering climates. For such a characteristic sound like this instrumental, it’s easy to paint a picture with what you are hearing. Now get into it with these tracks below!

Psychic Denim –

Flowerbomb –

Little Honda –

My Rating: 8/10
Genre/ Tags: Space Rock, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Garage Rock
New Psychic Denim CS: Tracklist:
1.) Psychic Denim
2.) Dreamboat
3.) Flowerbomb
4.) Untitled Instrumental
5.) Please Don’t Make Me Blue
6.) Little Honda
7.) He Never Hit Me
8.) Gillian

BUY the tape digitally from Bandcamp – listen to the rest !
BUY the sold out tape directly from – limited to 250 !
Cosmonauts on Facebook

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