TRMRS – Tape: Side B

In less than a week we covered everything we possibly could from goth-loving Orange County psych-punks TRMRS. These latest songs serve up an even more unsettling and totally unconventional sound in every sense of the words.

To give you an idea right from the beginning, TRMRS follow no other patterns but their very own spastic formula. Together these four songs will prove that statement until you have no choice but to agree as they force the 60’s and 70’s influenced psych right down your throat. Opener “One Foot” is an absolutely blood-pumping rager of sharp and energetic psych-punk. There’s a ripping hook around every unforeseen change up, the most lethal occurring at the 1:15 mark where an Earth-shattering tom-driven beat runs head first into blazing guitars and pummeling basses – a scuzzy onslaught of purely complete and utter destruction, just how we like it.

Following up next is “Old Paladino”, an obviously friendly and twangy jammer with plenty of shimmering guitar jangle and pounded percussion. The musical pattern suffers a few drastic changes here, from breezy and swaying sunshine jams to rowdy, bluesy tom-heavy psych-outs that solidify the idea that these dudes can rock out whenever necessary, right on command. Next up, “Homesick” features demonic guitars that sound poised and ready for something big to pop off at any moment. You can’t help but pick up vibes from a deathly fiery underworld below the madness, burning everything from the bottom up as they bust through multiple layers of brick wall – an accurate illustration of their goth-influenced surf rock. Final track “Cosmigos” is a crunchy tango with clanky percussion and the texture of the grainiest sandpaper. A sprawling change within reveals yelping guitars that only intensifies their relentless sound, to the point where you can never guess when the ending is near because they always have other ideas up their sleeve.

So there you have it, just like we warned you. There’s something new to tear you apart around every corner and if you’re not careful you’re bound to leave with multiple gashes and bruises to show for it. These scuzzy surfing psych-punks don’t seem like they are ever going to settle down and we can only hope things continue that way. Eyes on the future? You bet! Check out this rad video for “One Foot” right below and snag these songs for an easy $5 on Bandcamp – they are necessary.

One Foot –

Old Paladino –

Homesick –

My Rating: 9/10
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Punk, Surf Rock
Tape: Side B: Tracklist:
1.) One Foot
2.) Old Paladino
3.) Homesick
4.) Cosmigos

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