Hans Condor, Heavy Cream Live in Philadelphia (08/07/2011)

On Saturday night the M Room in Philadelphia was taken over by Nashville. Gracing us with their one-of-a-kind musical vigor was Hans Condor as well as Heavy Cream and The Ettes. All being from Nashville, the vibes within the M Room were comfortable and welcoming as everybody was amongst friends and enjoying themselves. As I sit here and create this post a few hours later, my ears continue to ring with sure-to-be tinnitus. This isn’t exactly something to be happy about, however when you think back to what made it happen you have no other option but to crack a huge gaping smile. These leaders of the Nashville music scene definitely know the feeling as they’re the ones responsible and right below is the ultimate proof.

Hans Condor play by absolutely no rules when on stage and their antics certainly show that. This makes for an undoubtedly exciting show every time because they always lay it all on the line like there’s no tomorrow. Not all bands go above and beyond like this, but when they do it always guarantees a spot in your memory for days to come. It’s almost like separating the men from the boys.

Somethin’ Happenin’ Here/ The Scoundrel – Right from the beginning they’re shoving their fiery country-punk down our throats. These two songs quickly set the pace for the rest of their blazing set.

I Can Make A Lot of Money – Nothing indicates “I’m ready” better than slugging back some beer.

Conversations – In this monstrosity Chazz jumps off the stage and down onto his knees with a slaying guitar onslaught. If you think that’s nuts that’s not even the half of it.

My Lyin’ Mind – The heartbreaking highlight from their record, this gave everybody a moment to catch up with their staggering pace.

Heavy Cream – Heavy Cream took the stage after Hans Condor and ripped it up with their straight rocking power punk. This is a solid clip of them plowing through their short but sweet songs and leaving everybody on their ass in the process.

As always there’s more video from the show and you can find that on our YouTube Channel right now. This line up of fun-loving, no rules-rocking Nashville bands are still on tour together until August 15th, so if you find yourself crossing paths on one of these dates you might as well join them in their debauchery for a memorable night.

I Can Make A Lot of Money –

Run Free –

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