SEACATS – We Don’t Sleep 7″

Here’s another from our new friends in Seattle at Fin Records. It’s the debut 7″ from SEACATS who hail from Kelso in Washington State and this looks to be their first release on vinyl.

Coming through with two new tracks, SEACATS bring a folky power-pop sound to the table along with an upbeat 90’s twist, with crystal clear production that is far from what we’re used to around here. Aside from this vinyl the band has a few other EPs under their belt – something that may be worth checking if you dig this stuff here. The single starts with “We Don’t Sleep”, where energetic power chords and blissful, bouncy vocals call all the shots. This eventually leads into a plucked guitar bridge with a shimmering chime that literally sparkles as you listen, moving you into a thickened and heavy breakdown with zinging synths and cruddy, pounding guitars. Everything is clean cut and far from sloppy as they stick to their careful sound and keep everything relative, as everything flows nicely into the next without much difficulty.

Flipping the single brings us to the folksy side, known as “Hard Truth”. Right away this twangy jam is already different from the A-side, yet they keep their playful and alert aesthetic right in place. Within you will find witty and accurate lyrics about idiots who think they’re entitled to everything in the world and SEACATS do a wonderful job of brushing those people right off. Obviously they have the right idea and their attitude shows that. But then, strangely enough past the three minute marker there’s a short and corny anthem about their love for football. I’m definitely missing the point though – why did that need to be there? It kind of makes you question whether this band is serious or not as this doesn’t seem necessary. However it’s not nearly this absurd.

We Don’t Sleep –

Hard Truth –

My Rating: 6/10
Genre/ Tags: Indie Rock, Pop, Folk Rock
We Don’t Sleep 7″: Tracklist:
1.) We Don’t Sleep
2.) Hard Truth

BUY the 7″ directly from Fin Records – on RED vinyl !
SEACATS – Official Website

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