Brain Idea – Cosmos Factory EP

Considering lasts years efforts from BRAIN IDEA, you can say we’ve been waiting for this one for awhile. This is their brand new EP from the Mexican Summer label, which significantly broadens their range of exposure.

Now as far as we’re concerned, these Chicago boys lay down some of the most premium and memorable instrumental jam outs, and this EP (as well and their full length) is exceptionally fruitful in that regard. With that being said, we don’t think there’s many other bands out there doing it quite like they are at the moment, meaning this EP here is something to behold. These jammers are simple in structure considering Brain Idea is only a three piece band, yet they sink deeply into your mind and manage to have a complex sound nonetheless (“Cosmos Factory”). As that description floating around from the Mexican Summer people promises, these tunes are more than perfect for those contemplative times – one of the most accurate statements I’ve heard all summer and that trait alone is enough to make this EP stand out.

Perhaps the most stunning of these jams comes in the self-titled “Cosmos Factory”, where a springy and peppy bass line drives the medium paced jam into a swelled complexion of splashing cymbals and glowing, echoing guitars. With a track like this, clearly Brain Idea have deeply focused on and refined their unique sound, culminating into a delightfully breezy and perfectly balanced jam that could easily be inspiring. So while tracks like that have a mind of their own, taking on a slightly different form is “Oh I’m Free (Earn Your Card)” – a moving little post-punk nugget that’s equally twangy and rough around the edges, featuring a swift and straight-forward rhythm in a progressive motion. This is an excellent standout amongst the rest of these free flowing jams.

Rounding out the EP with the nine minute “See YRself”, this combines a little bit of everything with what Brain Idea are capable of. Things begin on a sweeping guitar ambiance that glimmers and floats high up in the cloudy atmosphere, intensified by woozy and increasing dynamics that gives this an abstract feel early on, until things change around the 3:30 mark. From there this one rides out into a hazy sunset, filled out with a punchy bass line and endlessly quivering guitars, sounding both twangy and icy to close out this excellent and pensive EP. If you had plans to buy this one, do it quick because there’s only 500 pressings to go around.

Signals –

Cosmos Factory –

Oh I’m Free (Earn Your Card) –

My Rating: 8.5/10
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Psychedelic, Experimental
Cosmos Factory EP: Tracklist:
1.) Signals
2.) Cosmos Factory
3.) Suspended in Bliss
4.) Oh I’m Free (Earn Your Card)
5.) See YRself

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