Vernon Sélavy – Apple Seeds 7″

Coming from our friends overseas at Shit Music for Shit People is the debut 7″ from VERNON SÉLAVY, a folksy duo which is more than fitting for their unique catalog.

Vernon Sélavy consists of Vincenzo Marando (from Movie Star Junkies) and Roberto Grosso Sategna (from Ten Dogs). Both hailing from Italy, this debut 7″ offers crunchy garage-folk with a totally baked and strung out country twang, a certainly welcomed change of pace for what we’ve been covering around here this summer. Opener “Apple Seeds” is like looking out the window on a rainy and miserable afternoon with nothing better to do, lazily dragging across the floor to kill the time instead of being proactive. Following that, “The River Knows Me” isn’t too far off from that description either, only there’s a little more sun shining through the dreary clouds. There’s a fat and muddy bass underneath clanky percussion hits and glowing guitar shards that sporadically come up for air, eventually rolling into our last track.

Single highlight “The Way it Goes” is a great way to end this one, where shredded guitar chord blasts are driven by a punchy bass deep below the surface. There’s a bluesy complexion to this song due to both familiar guitar scales and a crooning pop vibe, casually riding out into the sunset on glimmering organs that light the way in even the darkest of nights. Definitely don’t miss out on this song below, and be sure to snag that 7″ from SMFSP on August 1st! It will be limited to just 300 pressings and is sure to come on multiple colored vinyl like the rest of their catalog.

Apple Seeds –

The Way it Goes –

My Rating: 7/10
Genre/ Tags: Folk Rock, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic, Blues
Apple Seeds 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Apple Seeds
2.) The River Knows Me
3.) The Way it Goes

BUY the 7″ from Shit Music for Shit People on August 1st
Vernon Sélavy on Facebook

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