Black Elephant – Four Years CS

Papermade Music is a label that helps convince me labels save their best releases for summer. This time around they’ve served up the alluring twee pop of BLACK ELEPHANT on their debut cassette release.

If you recall back to last summer, Papermade killed it with their 7″ release of Rare Grooves and sometime after that they served up another gem with their Traps PS 7″. Granted only one came out in summer, but nonetheless Papermade clearly know what they’re doing. They have appeared to do it yet again with this new cassette from Black Elephant, only this time the adorable indie pop hits a slightly different mark than the off-kilter garage rock of Traps PS or the discontented twang of Rare Grooves.

Being a four piece from Los Angeles, California, Black Elephant create some purely delightful summertime twee pop where the birds are chirping and the ocean sets you up with the perfect wave every single time. These four songs are perpetually jangly and charming, where Karin Jancuk’s airy and gorgeous voice decorates songs with plenty of playful vibes that catch your ears with the utmost innocence. They mix it up with vocals from the rest of the band as well, but it’s Jancuk’s that are the real standout in the end. She chants ever so politely throughout the title track “Four Years” while nasally bass lines, tambourine-heavy drumming and wispy organs do the rest of the work to seal up this summertime pleasure center. Now please grace your ears with the infinite bliss right below and snag that tape because it’s a sure steal for a flat $5.

Four Years –

Rocketship –

My Rating: 7.3/10
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Twee, Indie Rock
Four Years CS: Tracklist:
1.) Next Time
2.) Four Years
3.) Fine Then
4.) Rocketship

BUY the cassette directly from Papermade – get it while ya can !
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